Technical Writing & Editing

  • On-demand, virtual, technical communications team

  • Project-based technical writing

  • Augment your team with a writer/editor

  • Developmental edit

  • Edit content to create topic-based content

  • Copy edit

Information Architecture

  • Organize and structure: Organize and structure content to improve findability and discoverability.

  • Content inventory: Examine existing content and evaluate content usefulness, accuracy, tone of voice, and overall effectiveness

  • Topic-based audit: Audit existing content to redesign it to be topic-based.

  • Information grouping: Define user-centered relationships between content.

  • Taxonomy: Identify and standardize terms (controlled vocabulary) and apply to content.

  • Metadata: Develop metadata to generate “Related Link” lists and other navigation components that aid discovery.

  • Search and navigate: Develop user-centered search and navigation stratgies.

MadCap Flare Conversion

  • FrameMaker to Structured FrameMaker

  • FrameMaker to MadCap Flare

  • RoboHelp to MadCap Flare

  • InDesign to MadCap Flare

  • MS Word to MadCap Flare

  • Wiki to MadCap Flare

  • WordPress to MadCap Flare

  • Any other legacy tool to MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare Consultation

  • Learn the MadCap basics to help you decide whether your documentation can benefit from using or converting to MadCap Flare.

  • Learn the MadCap basics and more advanced features so that you can implement MadCap Flare in your documentation environment.

  • Learn the MadCap basics and more advanced features. Learn how to analyze your existing documentation to convert to MadCap Flare; how to implement single-sourcing, multi-authoring projects with topics, snippets, conditional tags, and variables; and how to source control your projects. Includes an overview of MadCap Capture and Analyzer.